Child Custody law in Pakistan

The issue of ‘Child Custody’ crops up during separation actions or judicial parting; it becomes an important issue to be obvious by the courts. Before taking any act you should Check Child Custody Lawyers. Alhuda Law Associates is lawful firm in Multan we have Skilled Child Custody Lawyers who are Practicing in Child Custody Law since last 10 Years. Child Custody debates to the process of monitoring, caring and care of the child less than 18 years of age by the controlling parent (the rights have been granted by court) under set limits such as financial security, sympathetic with child, lifestyle, etc… The prime rights of nurturing the child with admiration to education, development, medical, emotional, physical, etc… lies with the safeguarding parent while the non-custodial parent only grips the right to contact and meet the child. In countless cases, both the parents are provided with access to the child, but the physical responsibility of the child is usually decided to one parent. The Family Courts while deciding on this need to keep the best welfares of the child as of highest importance.


Types of Child Custody in Pakistan

The Judiciary in Pakistan, in a number of countless judgments, has believed the view that the best interest of the child in Child Custody cases, needs to be given extreme importance, surpassing all the legal necessities laid down. The court payments the right to child custody also to one or both the parents under convinced rules and regulations. Calculating the sympathy in this matter, the Pakistan Law allows parents to seek child custody as per its below specified forms. They are:

  1. 1. Physical Custody: In physical custody, a child lives with the protection parent and assumes all the day to day activities.
  2. 2. Joint Physical Custody: In joint physical custody the child lives with both the parents for a important time period. In such a set up, both the parents have different rights on their child.
  3. 3. Sole Custody: In Only custody, the whole right to live with the child lies in the hands of one parent only. This habitually happens in cases where in the other parent is insulting, instable, violent or powerless in nature.
  4. 4. Third Party Custody: In third party custody, none of the normal parents have any right on the child. In its place, the child custody is decided to the third person by the court.

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