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Dowry Case Lawyers in Multan lahore Pakistan

Dowry-case-law-advocate-multan-lahore-pakistan is a social evil in the society that has caused inconceivable sufferings and crimes towards women. In Pakistan, the payment of a dowry was forbidden in 1961under Pakistan civil law and subsequently by Sections 304B and 498a of the Pakistan Penal Code were enacted to make it calmer for the wife to seek redress from potential persecution by the husband's family. Dowry laws have come under condemnation as they have been distorted by women and their families.

Alhuda Law Associates has Expert Lawyers for Dowry-case-law in Pakistan Who Can Fight for Your Right. In Pakistan. Someone accused of taking dowry is therefore subject to a multiplicity of legal procedures.


In Dowry-case-law-advocate-multan-lahore-pakistan “dowry” means any property or valued security given or agreed to be given also directly or indirectly— (a) by one party to a marriage to the other gathering to the marriage ; or (b) by the parents of either party to a marriage or by any other person, to either party to the marriage or to any other one, at or before 1[or any time after the marriage] 2[in link with the marriage of the said gatherings, but does not include] dower or mahr in the case of persons to whom the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) put on. Explanation I. — 3[***] Explanation II.—the countenance “valuable security” has the same meaning as in Section 30 of the Pakistan Penal Code (45 of 1860).


This section, for offences related to Criminal Break of Trust, is usually applied in study of straphang recovery from the husband and his family .Crimes under this section are bail able and cognizable. Section 406.


Whoever commits criminal breach of trust shall be punished with custody of either description for a term which may spread to three years, or with fine, or with both.


This Section of the Pakistan Penal Code was inserted by a 1986 amendment. The wording of the law states: Section 304B. Present death
Where the death of a woman is caused by any burns or bodily wound or occurs otherwise than under normal conditions within seven years of her marriage and it is shown that soon before her death she was subjected to cruelty or aggravation by her husband or any relative of her husband for, or in connection with, any demand for present, such death shall be called "dowry death" and such husband or relative shall be thought to have caused her death. Description:-For the purpose of this sub-section, "dowry" shall have the same meaning as in section 2 of the Dowry-case-law-advocate-multan-lahore-pakistan Exclusion Act, 1961 (28 of 1961).

Whoever obligates dowry death shall be punished with imprisonment for a period which shall not be less than seven years but which may spread to custody for life. New Zealand, in its Family Violence Act 2018 (NZ), includes concept of dowry-related violence as an appropriate form of violence in the following words: “Violence against a person could be dowry-related violence (that is, violence that arises solely or in part from concerns about whether, how, or how much any assistances, goods, money, other property, or other benefits are [a] given to or for a party to a marriage or proposed marriage; and [b] received by or for the other party to the marriage or proposed.” The tradition in Pakistan has noticed a very insignificant decline overall. Whether that is due to regulation (with the main statute still being decades old), or whether it is because of a shift in familial mindsets, is quiet questionable. The fact remains that it is still practised, and it is not just the practice itself that makes it a burden, rather how it gets abused. A woman’s refusal to present suitable dowry articles can result in her being rejected, insulted or even killed. Any efforts that are actually made to exterminate Dowry-case-law-advocate-multan-lahore-pakistan get subsided if the custom lingers on. The government’s reluctance to accept any of the resolutions proposed also makes the matter progressively troublesome.

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